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How it all started

In 2011 Stefaan De Prest laid the foundations for AXcite, a small but competitive firm that would provide personalized and customer centered consultancy services for the implementation of ERP systems.

In this digital age, to stay competitive, it is crucial to evolve with the changing times and adapt to the latest technologies. To help companies stay ahead of the game, we specialize in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the premier ERP software in the world, and help companies in the integration and implementation of this system into their evolving IT infrastructure.

With years of experience under our belts, our highly skilled Dynamics AX team provides training and consultancy services with the aim to work with you in enabling your growth and sustaining that growth in the digital world. We make this a possibility with an approach that is practical and strategic.


At AXcite, we work side-by-side as your reliable and trustworthy advisor in a world where the rules of the game are changing constantly. Through remaining a small company, we leverage on our ability to focus exclusively on our customers to provide a personalized and customized service catered to your specific needs. In this way we guarantee proper continuity of our assignmentswhile also benefiting from closely-knit knowledge transfer among our devoted people.


We make this possible due to the high level of skill and the years of experience in successfully tackling complex ERP implementations.

Our Mission and vision

We guide our customers through all phases of their ERP implementations by providing high quality consultancy, responsibly and ethically.


We believe in having our customers' best interest at heart as a motivator for our short- and long-term deliverables.

Our organization helps companies remain competitive and well-prepared for the fast-paced changing world while being their devoted partner through the processes of transformation, optimization and technology application.