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Data Integration and Migration

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Leverage synchronized data integration and effective data migration processes for data-driven business growth
Ready to drive your company with quality and easy-to-use data as the core of business operations?
Integrate data from multiple sources effortlessly

Create flexible data connections between your D365 F&O environment and other applications to build connection sets which can store various organization data mappings.

Customize your integration projects and templates

Expedite data from source to destination through customized templates. Facilitate data integration projects with customization of existing and new integration templates.

Perform advanced data filtering and transformation

Easily transform and filter source data through power queries to create engaging and easy-to-use user experience without any need for coding.

Efficiently validate data migration with test runs

Test your data migration projects before implementation until you get the desired results. Create business rules for data migration based on the test results.

Boost your business performance with efficient data integration  and data enrichment
Import and export valuable data from D365 F&O effortlessly and enable hassle-free data migration projects.
Performance tuning for better data integration

Maximize the performance of data imports and exports from Dynamics 365 F&O with multiple flexible tools and features that allow integration projects to be done at better speed and accuracy.

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