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Electronic Data Interchange

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Redefine Communications with Your Trading Partners for
Efficient Supply Chain Management
Want to streamline your trading communications with an integrated EDI?
Minimize process cycles and enhance the accuracy of data

Leverage automated processing to eliminate delays in communication and errors in the process. With EDI, perform touchless document handling to streamline communications.

Unlock the benefits of EDI fully integrated with Dynamics 365 F&O

Enable seamless messaging with EDI that is entirely built in the Dynamics 365 F&O environment with the ease of configuration, which does not require external components.

Effortlessly handle exceptions, discrepancies and stuck documents

Purchase and sales personnel can manage inaccuracies and delays in orders without leaving the D365 environment or requesting for help from the IT department.

​Boost trading collaborations and simplify communications

Enhance business connections with predefined EDI templates or VANs. Utilize a flexible setup with simple templates and configurations without additional resources.

The EDI Advantage
Optimize your supply chain operations with shortened process cycles, reduced costs, enhanced transparency, and improved process efficiency.
Staging Tables


Import, verify, and transform data using the staging area for hassle-free processing with minimum involvement of IT or other processes.

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