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Master data Management

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Promote Efficient Ownership of Master Data to Optimize reporting and Business Insights
Want to enable your data stewards to get the most of your master data?
Improve data management process by data stewards

Empower your data stewards with decentralized and centralized master data ownership to validate, create, and distribute data access for D365FO businesses and other external entities.

Optimize data insights to make informed decisions

Streamline the process to handle master data change management through necessary controls to make sure better data integrity and control.

Prioritize data consistency and accuracy

Minimize data inconsistencies and discrepancies to get better quality data which helps you enhance the overall operational efficiency and productivity of the organization.

​Ensure data compliance with change management

Set up a transparent and structured process for master data change request approvals. Improve compliance with upgraded change trails and correct approval process for all master data change requests.

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Upgrade your data stewardship with centralized and decentralized data ownership
MDM studio creates a single source of truth for data that can be used across the organization. It streamlines master data and ensures the accuracy, consistency, and uniformity of data.
Staging Tables


Make use of dynamic staging areas to import, validate, and verify messages. Staging tables enables you to transform value to provide more usable and processable data.

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