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Security and Compliance

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Safeguard Your Crucial Data and Optimize Your Business Processes
Ready to transform your security, audit, and compliance processes for improved business operations?
Efficiently handle your GRC workflow

With pre-built workspaces for auditors, compliance officers, and security administrators, it enables you to get a detailed summary of the current and previous security setup.

Easily manage security roles and requests

With Merge Roles feature, which allows you to merge various roles into one security role and Create Role Wizard feature that enables you to create custom security roles.

Considerably reduce time on internal audit

As data is recorded at the user, role, and global level and auditors are given dynamic access to relevant data which consists of historical and current records of security logs and events.

Effortlessly manage your compliance needs

As pre-defined SoD ruleset is compliant with SOX and ISO standards and cuts down the deployment time considerably. It also provides a 360-degree security overview.

Security and Compliance Studio Is Competent to Effectively Handle Your Changing Data Security Requirements
Learn more about how the Security and Compliance studio addresses data misuse and internal fraud issues with role-based security management and supports security audits.
Security Management


With features like Merge Roles, Create Role Wizard, Lock Roles and Stand-in role creation, seamlessly manage your security requirements

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